Why Choose Ballard Recovery ?



At our drug rehab center, we want to help as many clients as possible face substance abuse and come out on top.


How We Work

By providing each of our clients with a customized care plan, we can give them the best possible shot at reaching their recovery goals.


Mission Statement

No matter how the addiction began or what a client might have done before arriving at our substance abuse treatment center, we are dedicated to providing effective care to every one of our clients.

Therapy for youth

Our Story of Success

When you’re ready to receive the assistance you need to reach your recovery goals, we’re waiting here to provide you with the benefit of our addiction recovery program. Take a look at some of the elements of our program below!

We makes the recovery decision easy

One of the most important steps in the journey to recovery is getting through the process of detoxification. Detox is the process your body goes through when it purges any toxins left behind from substance abuse from its system.


Risk Free

These symptoms may vary based on the substance of choice and the duration of use. In some instances, these symptoms will be uncomfortable but not dangerous, however, under certain circumstances, the symptoms can prove to be dangerous.

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Did you know that roughly half of the clients who enter our drug rehab center are not only dealing with an addiction, they’re also struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder?

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Fortunately, at our drug rehab facility, we have the means to ensure that these clients receive the care they need to overcome addiction and reach their recovery goals.

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