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Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Center

When considering the right type of drug rehab center for addiction, it is important to select a treatment center where you feel safe and comfortable. You may have tried to go through detox on your own, but you or your loved one need the support of a supervised detox program that will provide the guidance and resources necessary for you to overcome this for good. Luckily, Ballard Recovery is one of those places. Our addiction recovery center in Charlotte, North Carolina is here to help.


Types of Treatment Programs

Inpatient, or residential treatment at our Charlotte addiction recovery facility provides focused substance abuse treatment for clients who live on site and focus on getting better. There is always a better outcome when clients live on site.


The community within the Charlotte drug rehab center will cultivate a safe and supportive environment where you can speak your mind and be understood by our caring and supportive staff. At the drug rehab clinic, you will receive a customized treatment plan based on your needs.


Outpatient programs are available for clients who have to live at home while receiving counseling and substance abuse treatment for several days a week at the substance abuse treatment facility in Charlotte. This is typically for people with less acute treatment and unavoidable responsibilities. We always recommend inpatient programs, but we never turn anyone away if it isn’t possible for them.


Dual Diagnosis

Mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia may require additional treatment for your recovery plan. Nearly half the people who come to our rehab center are in need of additional mental health care for a mental health issue that needs to be addressed before we can properly treat you for addiction with dual diagnosis regimen.


If you experience other addictive disorders in addition to alcoholism and drug addiction, such as addiction to gambling, sex, or another compulsive behavior, you may go through a dual diagnosis program when you enter treatment.


Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient rehab consists of detoxification and treating psychological dependence. Because clients may experience withdrawal symptoms during detox process, close supervision and care are crucial during this time. Detox under careful monitoring at a professional addiction recovery facility provides the most safe and comfortable setting for withdrawal symptoms.


At our comprehensive addiction treatment clinic in Charlotte, we customize the treatment plan to the needs of the client, and adjust the treatment plan as you get closer to the end of your time here. Individual counseling sessions, group therapy, courses on coping mechanisms and other skills help clients function in their everyday lives during treatment and beyond during aftercare.


If you or someone you know needs to be treated at an addiction treatment center, schedule a call with our Charlotte addiction recovery center today.


Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Similar to the inpatient rehabilitation process, outpatient addiction treatment helps clients adjust their lives as they move closer to finishing the regimen at our Charlotte rehab. Common methods include individual therapy, group therapy, support groups, and life skills workshops.


Factors to consider when deciding between inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment include the type and severity of addiction, as well as the underlying mental health issues.


A client will meet with an intake counselor at the Charlotte drug rehab clinic who will assess the situation and needs of the client prior to commencing treatment at the addiction treatment center in Charlotte.


Aftercare and the Next Steps

At Charlotte rehab clinic, we understand that recovery from addiction continues after the treatment at the addiction treatment clinic in Charlotte. During aftercare we provide several continuing treatments including group counseling, individual counseling, and regular check-ins.


Recovery is an ongoing process. At Ballard Recovery, we understand the importance of continued treatment after treatment to prevent relapse and implement strategies for success.


To get help from our highly skilled and trusted rehab facility, call our drug rehab clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina for a free consultation. You won’t regret it.